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What phones are compatible?

The ClipSee is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c.  It is not compatible with any iPhone earlier than iPhone 4.  We are still waiting on the release of the iPhone 6, so can’t comment, however if you’re interested, take a look at our post on the iPhone 6.

Does ClipSee comply with hands-free driving laws in my country or state?

In general, the answer is Yes in the United States. Hands-free driving laws vary greatly from country to country, state to state, and even within the same state. We recommend that you review the hands-free and distracted driving laws in your area and, if necessary, contact your law enforcement authorities if you have any questions about compliance. The ClipSee is intended to provide a hands-free holder for your iPhone 4 or 5, to allow voice-activated calling, and to allow one-touch, eyes-free activation of the Speaker and other functions. And we believe that proper use of the ClipSee complies with laws that specifically restrict the hand-held use of a cell phone when driving.

For more information on distracted driving and cell phone driving laws, please see the following web sites:

The dial does not seem to be doing anything. Is there a problem?

The dial on the back drives a screw that pushes the internal wedge up and down. Depending on the setting at the factory it might take many spins of the dial to move the wedge before it engages with your iPhone. Once the home button is centered with the button access hole, then your iPhone will be as tight as it needs to be and the finger guides will line up correctly.

Is there a way to charge the iPhone while it is in the ClipSee?

That is an intentional limitation. We decided to concentrate on excellent acoustics and accessibility. You have to charge the phone before making a phone call.

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Does ClipSee work with all iPhone 4 and 5 cases?

No. The ClipSee will work with most standard-sized iPhone cases up to 65.30 mm (2.57 in) wide x 14.10 mm (0.56 in) thick. Larger-sized cases, those with prominent ridges, bumps, channels, or shapes, or those with loose and/or flexible pieces may not work with ClipSee. And we do not recommend using the Clipsee™ if you cannot easily insert and remove your cased phone with one hand. The ClipSee will fit an Otterbox Commuter series case, but not Otterbox Defender series. Lifeproof cases do not fit well because of the extra connector protection at the bottom of the iPhone. In general, extra protective cases do not fit well.

My iPhone seems a little loose.

The ClipSee is designed to allow you to remove and insert the iPhone with only one hand. It might feel a little loose, but it is completely functional and it will not fall out. The speakerphone and mute icons on the touch screen merely need to be lightly touched to activate them. Pushing them harder is unnecessary. The wedge that holds the iPhone at the bottom has a rubber pad to provide friction, so you can press the home button firmly without moving the iPhone.

I am having trouble using the finger guides without looking.

This takes a little practice. Please practice before you drive. Choose a method that is safest for you. It is okay to take a quick glance. If you make a mistake, then relax and wait for a safe time to remove the iPhone to look at the screen. Apple has kept essentially the same call menu screen for 7 years, but they adjust it from time to time. In iOS 7 Apple moved the swipe-to-answer feature to a slightly higher position, so it is higher than the finger guide. You either have to remember to slide higher or answer the call by looking – when it is safe to do so. Relax, no call is worth getting into an accident. You can always call somebody back – when it is safe.

Can I leave it on the seatbelt when I get out of the car?

This depends on the user and the car. The ClipSee is designed to be clipped on when you need it and easily removed when you do not need it. The seat belt cannot retract all the way while the ClipSee is attached and some seat belt retractors are strong enough to knock the ClipSee out of position when retracted. Some users they prefer to keep the ClipSee on the seat belt. As long as this does not cause the seat belt to be caught in the door, then that is okay. If the ClipSee is causing the seat belt to get caught in the door or if the retraction is so powerful that it knocks the ClipSee off the belt then we recommend removing the ClipSee from the seat belt when you get out of the car. The ClipSee is designed to fit nicely in most drink holders or other accessible places around your console.

I tested it and it does not seem 3X louder.

The ClipSee acoustic system is tuned to work best when it is on your chest. If you hold the ClipSee against your chest and insert the iPhone, then you will hear a big jump in volume. The shape of the ClipSee, the tuning slots on the back, and the surface of your chest all work together to equalize the sound while making it louder.