The simplest, least expensive way to talk hands-free in your car

No Bluetooth
No Wires
No Batteries
No Pairing

Avoid costly distracted driving tickets.
$159 in California
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Watch the video


ClipSee for iPhone

Hands-Free Texting and Talking

The simplest, least expensive, and legal way to text and talk hands-free in your car.  ClipSee sounds better than any other car speakerphone we’ve tested so far.  See our ClipSee Challenge.

In the USA, at any given daylight time, approximately 9% of all drivers are engaged in a cell phone conversation while driving.  Of these drivers more than 55% are not talking hands-free! If you or a loved one are one of those still texting or talking while holding their iPhone, then here is a solution for you.  If you use a Bluetooth headset, then you invariably misplace it, so now you have a backup that works all the time. If you find yourself putting your iPhone in your shirt pocket or your bra, then the ClipSee works much better than those choices.

Engineered for simplicity

  • Louder Sound
  • Clearer Voice
  • No Bluetooth
  • No Batteries
  • More Accurate Speech to Text
  • Easy Home Button Use

This is ClipSee®

The ClipSee for iPhone®  is a new hands-free option for your car.  It provides secure and convenient positioning for your iPhone® 4 or 5 – easily clipping onto your shoulder belt – and it works with most standard-sized iPhone® cases too!

The ClipSee is also designed to amplify the speaker sound by up to 3x and direct it toward your ears, so you are more likely to hear the voice even with significant road and wind noise.  What’s more, when the ClipSee is attached to your shoulder belt, the top microphone of the iPhone® is just inches from your mouth, greatly improving your voice clarity for both accurate texting and voice clarity.

ClipSee is Made in the USA.

Check the fit guidelines before ordering.

From our customers

…I was skeptical at first, but once I got used to it, it is actually easier to use than my Bluetooth headset. Now I use it every day…

Paul M.

it really does a great job of amplifying the sound from the iPhone’s speaker, you can hear really well Chris C.

…I drive a 2007 Infiniti. Everybody was complaining about echo and cutting out, now no complaints…

Allyson S.

…I owned a Motorola Bluetooth speakerphone.  Everyone was complaining about the noise.  Now no noise…

Fred B.

… my BWM SUV was just awful. I disabled it and only use the ClipSee now…

Tracy J.

…I did not realize the microphone was on top for the speakerphone. I wasn’t even talking into the right end…

Chesley S.

…I have hearing loss and cannot use a headset because of my hearing aid. Now I can hear clearly.

Becky S.

…my speakerphone solution was to put it in my shirt pocket. This is much better…

Eric B.

From the media

“…A small price to pay to keep you safe while driving…A bonus feature for teenagers is the [iPhone] is set in the cradle in a way where you can’t text while you are driving.”

Friendship Inspired

“The sound quality was quite good…Jenn even remarked, on numerous occasions how much better it was to talk to me.  Normally she complains the whole time “I can’t hear you.” But she could tell immediately when I was using the ClipSee, it made that much of a difference.

It took a little bit to get used to, but once I was familiar with where everything was flipped to I love using it. Another reason I love it, because I feel like it’s a much better and safer solution then me having the bluetooth on and holding it up.”

The Naptime Reviewer

 “It does take a little time and practice to master the finger guides, but once you have them down working the iPhone controls is easy…My iPhone 5 with a silicone cover slid in easily and stayed very secure in the ClipSee…I was actually really surprised at how loud the ClipSee made my phones’ speakerphone!”

USA Today Magazine

“It is a simple, compelling, and inexpensive alternative to making phone calls while driving. Not only do you no longer need to fiddle with headsets, tangled cords from earbuds, or synching issues, both parties on the phone will experience superior call clarity.”

Misadventures in Baby Raising

“I do think it makes taking and receiving phone calls on the go so much easier than Bluetooth headsets and I can definitely see my husband using the ClipSee on his long drives to and from work!”

Flattlands Travel Blog

“The appliance clips onto your seat belt so your hands can stay at ten and two on the wheel. ClipSee is a wire-free and battery-free iPhone speakerphone, accomplishing the basics of what other expensive accessories do… Discover the ease of hands-free!”

Sacramento Bee

“BUY…When you’re on the road and a call comes in, how many times have you fumbled to put an ear bud in place or sync the phone with your Bluetooth, almost resulting in a swerving freeway accident? Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, this iPhone amplification device…clips onto your seat belt and its speakerphone is built to snuff out ambient sounds. It requires no batteries, wire or headset.”

Cassandra M's Place

“The product is durable and built to last.  I like that it can save lives.  You can hear better and it is comfortable.  I would recommend taking it off when you get in and out of the car. Excellent for new drivers as well.”

The Write Balance

“…here’s a really cool device that’ll make you hands-free with your iPhone in the car. It’s called a ClipSee and it’s the perfect solution when you need to talk while driving…

Two Classy Chicks

“I did several conference calls from my car using it and it really was louder and clearer than when I use my phone’s speakerphone function. When I use the speakerphone without the ClipSee, it can sound muffled and tinny at times. This was definitely much better!” … “great alternative to my Bluetooth headset…”


Amplifies speaker sound up to 3x so you can hear better

Places top microphone just inches from your mouth, assuring your voice is transmitted clearly to the other end

Provides a secure and conveniently accessible holder for your iPhone

Sturdy seat belt clip holds ClipSee firmly on shoulder harness, while still allowing easy and quick attachment and removal

Compatible with all versions of iPhone 4 and 5, including with most standard-sized cases*

Finger guides and easy Home button access allow hands-free, voice-activated operation while keeping eyes on the road

Height adjustment in back assures your phone will align appropriately with the Home button and in-call menu screen

Important Safety Advice

In many states, you cannot legally drive and hold a cell phone in your hand.  In general, all of the states allow any hands free device that allows you to keep two hands on the wheel. From the California Highway Patrol publication Wireless Telephone Laws FAQs you can use your speakerphone function of your wireless telephone “as long as you are not holding the phone.”

Hands-free does not mean it is risk-free. Any cell phone conversation is a distraction, so keep aware that any conversation, even with a passenger increases your risk of an accident.  The most dangerous part of a phone conversation is trying to find your phone when it is ringing. Try to use Siri to dial without looking, and keep your iPhone handy so you do not feel you need to struggle to find you iPhone if it is ringing. You can always call people back when it is safe.

Only make calls or receive calls when it is a safe time. A teenager is about 4X more likely to have an accident than a non-teenager, so teenagers should not be using a cell phone at all. Some roads are simply 10X more dangerous than others, so do not talk on a cell phone on a road that requires more concentration. Visual texting is incredibly dangerous.

Hands-free texting requires some concentration, so only do short, easy to say messages.  If the message did not compose properly then simply voice the message again.  Do not try to edit the message by voice.