iPhone’s Superior Hands-Free Voice Texting

There is no doubt that doing regular texting while driving is very dangerous.  However, it turns out that it is quite easy to do voice texting with the ClipSee on an iPhone.

It is totally legal in California and Oregon and many other states to do hands-free texting as long as you are not holding the phone.  We will research as many of the other states and get that information to you.  In general, as long as you have your eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel then you are legal.

To text you merely hold down the home button to get Siri’s attention and say something like “Send a text message to Billy Bob.”  Then Siri asks you what you want to say.

You can ask Siri to read back the message to make sure that Siri got it right.  Just make sure you use the word “read” and not “play” or “listen”.  If you say the word “play” or “listen” it will think that you are trying to play music.

You do not have to enter your security code for sending a text or reading a text.

When you receive a text, you do not need to look.  Just hold down the home button until you get the beep from Siri and ask Siri, “Read my text messages.” It will read back your unread text messages.  It will not read back any old text messages.

I tried doing a similar procedure with the Samsung S4.  It is quite inferior to the Apple voice texting and requires that you look at the screen.  Presuming you have a code then you have to look at the screen to unlock the screen.

Doing voice texting requires more concentration than merely talking, so one should only do voice texting if the road is absolutely clear and conditions are relatively safe.

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