iPhone 6 Rumors — How to buy a Dummy model now

The iPhone 6 has got to be the worst kept secret ever for Apple. Perhaps that is by design. Naturally, at Acoustic Gadgets we are quite interested in the acoustics and mechanical design of the iPhone 6, so we have been keeping close tabs on the rumors.

The iPhone 6 is rumored to go on sale in September, possibly as early as August.  It will likely be about the size of a Samsung Galaxy S5, but a little skinnier than even the iPhone 5.

Here is how to own an iPhone 6 display model:

Go to www.aliexpress.com and search on iPhone 6 dummy

For the particular model we bought try this link:


It came in just a few days, thanks to the subsidized shipping from China.

Here is a video we whipped up to show off our iPhone 6 model.

It looks like the iPhone 6 will fit comfortably into our ClipSee without a case, and will just barely fit with a very skinny case.  We never really expected the iPhone 6 to fit the ClipSee, so this was a pleasant surprise.

For more rumors about the iPhone 6, we list the several of the most interesting and credible web sites to check out.


Sonny Dickson is a teenager in Australia who seems to have carved out a career by leaking and selling prototypes of Apple products online before they launch.  There is a lot of interesting stuff at his web site.


Hard to know if the Daily Mail has any actual insight, but it is possible they are right that the iPhone 6 and 5.5 inch version might be coming sooner than expected.


Coverage of another notorious Apple leaker.


CAD models.


Evidence that iPhone 6 might release closer to August.


Maybe Apple not complaining too much about leaks when their main supplier, Foxconn, announces that there will be two new iPhones back in January.


Comprehensive and detailed analysis of iPhone 6 rumors.


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