iOS 8 – Better news for some ClipSee users.

Or how to set your iPhone to default to Speakerphone.

You would think that you could ask Siri to call somebody and put the call on Speakerphone, but for some inexplicable reason, Apple does not allow Siri to do this simple thing.  For that reason, we supply the finger guide that allows a ClipSee user to select speakerphone once the call is placed or received.

With iOS 8, we were hoping that Apple finally listened to the users and would permit Siri to put the phone into speakerphone when placing a call.  Alas, they did not, but they improved things a little.

With iOS 8 you can make the speakerphone as the default for incoming or outgoing calls. With iOS 7 you could only make speakerphone the default for incoming calls.

For certain people who mostly talk while on speakerphone, then this is just the feature for you.  This will make the ClipSee even easier to use.

To set this mode in iOS 8 go to “Settings” to “General” to “Accessibility” to “Call Audio Routing” and set it to Speaker.

Give it a try and see if it works for you — and stay hands-free.

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