About Acoustic Gadgets

Acoustic Gadgets was founded in 2013 by Hugh McLaughlin and a team of highly experienced audio experts who have long track records in sound enhancement technology, which leverages both physical acoustic techniques and sophisticated audio signal processing to create higher quality sound. McLaughlin’s previous startup, SignalWorks, was sold to Cisco in 2003. The SignalWorks acoustic echo cancellation technology is still being used by Cisco in their IP Phones and Cisco Telepresence products today. Acoustic Gadgets’ mission is to make great products that creatively enhance speech and audio clarity for mobile devices. The company’s first product, the “ClipSee” was designed to provide a complete hands-free solution while driving in your car, eliminating the need for clunky earbuds and tinny, built-in speakerphone options – both substandard solutions with poor sound quality. Using their acoustics expertise, the team designed ClipSee so that the iPhone’s microphone is perfectly placed for optimal speech reception while at the same time acoustically amplifying the sound by up to 3x toward the user’s ears. What you get/hear is a clearer 2-way conversation. The ClipSee fits comfortably on your seat belt shoulder strap and works with all iPhone 4 and 5 models.

About our team

Hugh McLaughlin

Hugh McLaughlin


Hugh is an entrepreneur and technologist devoted to audio signal processing, specializing in technologies that improve voice communication, hearing and speech recognition. He has worked in a variety of signal processing specialties including control systems, signal reconnaissance, audio and video. He has over 30 years experience designing and managing the development of leading edge signal processing systems and teams. For the past 15 years, Hugh has focused his technical interests on improving the quality of speech communication. Prior to Acoustic Gadgets, he was a director of engineering at Cisco Systems, managing and leading projects related to IP phones, Wi-Fi handsets, and Cisco’s Telepresence system. He architected the audio portion of the Cisco Telepresence system and actually wrote much of the critical audio software. He joined Cisco when Cisco bought his company SignalWorks in 2003. Prior to SignalWorks he was a consultant involved in defense systems. He learned much of his signal processing working on secret defense projects at Lockheed and ArgoSystems. Hugh holds over 7 patents in the area of audio signal processing and acoustics and has a MSEE from the University of Santa Clara, and BSEE from the University of Idaho.